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Internet Portal - WebSAI ****NEW****
Through WebSAI ©, Spectrum’s Internet portal, 24 hours per day, providers can confirm plan enrollment and the status of claim processing for those plans fully adjudicated and managed by Spectrum Administrators. As well, providers who have submitted claims to Spectrum for repricing, only, can use WebSAI © to confirm that Spectrum has received and repriced such claims.

Please click here to log in, or to register for use of the site. For more information, or for registration assistance, please call Spectrum Customer Service at 484-884-0410, or 800-925-8459.

For a short User Guide to Self Service functions, click here.


Electronic Claims Submission
Electronic submissions of claims may be sent to Spectrum Administrators, Inc. via the major clearinghouses. These clearinghouses include WebMD (Envoy NEIC), NDC e-Premise, PerSe Technologies, ProxyMed and others. The Spectrum Payer ID for electronic claims submission is 23253. For McKesson and PerSe Technologies, Spectrum's payer ID is 3436.

Spectrum's Payer ID may be used to submit clearinghouse claims electronically for:

  • Choice Plus Members
  • Valley Preferred Members
  • Any claims currently sent to Spectrum on paper
Claims submitted electronically may be filed faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than paper claims.

Providers with an existing direct electronic link to Spectrum Administrators should continue to send claims through that direct connection. Providers with large claim volumes, interested in establishing a direct link for submitting HIPAA X-12 (837) compliant claims to Spectrum, bypassing the clearinghouse fees, may contact Lou Bottitta at 484-884-0584 or via e-mail at

Providers offices should direct any questions to the Customer Service department of Spectrum Administrators Inc. at 800-925-8459.

Note: Spectrum is accepting Professional (HCFA) and Facility (UB) claims via clearinghouse submissions.


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